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  1. I have a dream of Empowering the Indian School System so that every child is in school healthy and learning. Need your guidence ?

  2. I am a PGP2 student and would like to read your latest book. I have read your previous two books and are very good help to get inspired. Now i am in the middle of cross roads to decide between the obvious two options of a PGP2 :) Would like to read your latest book also.

  3. Hi Rashmi,

    I aspire to be an entrepreneur. I have a few ideas, but lack the courage. Your book provides a lot of help. I have been following your books to be familiar with all types of circumstances and to learn how to overcome hurdles leading to success.

    I have read your first book – Stay hungry stay foolish.
    I am currently going through your 2nd book – connect the dot.
    I will be grateful, if you provide me the soft copy of your 3rd book.

    Sriyans Patwa

  4. Respected mam,
    I want the free e book.you have said that there 4 members remaining! i dont know how to avail it. hope i’ll be in those four members.
    thanking you,

    Abdul Zelani,
    MBA student,
    Lovely Professional University,

  5. I have read ur book I have a dream. It’s inspiring. I like this book. and i wish to know that whether it is translated in Marathi? If not it should be. and I would like to do it. So will u pl.allow me to do this?

    I have little experience regarding translation of books from English to Marathi.
    I have translated 2 books, which were originally written in Telgu by leading feminist writer Volga.She is an activist and is presently working as Secretary of Asmita Resource Centre for Women in Hyderabad.

    One of these translated book was published in Mar.2009 by Granthali Publishers from Mumbai and another was published recently i.e in Jan.2012 by Manovikas Prakashan, Pune.

    With love,


  6. I have read all three books
    connecting dots,stay hungry stay foolish & i have a dream.I like all.I think you are going to write a book powerful woman in business

  7. Hello Madam,
    I read your three books in telugu.Nice to read your books.Thanks for your books.Thanks to all the entrepreneurs for giving such a good experience of their success stories.
    A small request to you madam, all of your books mainly concentrated on positive node of a business.My request is to concentrate on Hurdles of business.



  8. Rashmi Maam,
    I must say that all your books have been extremely inspirational to me. I keep a copy of I have a Dream in my car and everyday to work i read one or the other turn around story of the entrepruners. one of the best that i liked in the book is Mirikal Couriers and Peepal Tree. I have in the past thought of starting something on my own but never found the right moment or the push to take the leap.
    I hope with this book i can gather the courage to take that final jump and make it happen.
    I read you are coming out with a new 4th book. Eagerly waiting for the same.
    Please share the details of the Book Launch.


  9. Respected Mam
    Your book has precise information needed to guide and encourage students like us.Please help us further with books like these.

    Thank you.

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